An Interview with the Author of “Never Binge Again” Dr. Glenn Livingston

We’ve addressed the important health topic of binge eating on the ATF podcast before, but this week we’re bringing you an interview with an expert on the subject. Dr. Glenn Livingston is a veteran psychologist, health coach and author of the book Never Binge Again: Reprogram yourself to think like a permanently thin person.

Dr. Livingston’s past history dealing with his own obesity and working as an consultant for Fortune 500 food corporations has given him a unique insight into individuals that struggle with binge eating. Below are a few highlights from our conversation.

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    • Dr. Livingston describes his own battle with obesity – ate anything and everything in his 20s and early 30s until he got blood markers tested and had high cholesterol and other precursors of heart disease, which was problematic since his family had a history of heart disease
    • Being a psychologist, and growing up in a family of psychologists, he wanted to discover the psychological root of food dependencies – discovered that binge eating was caused primarily by your inner monologue telling you that binge eating is OK and believes it’s easier to “quiet” that voice than removing the emotional triggers that invoked the desire to binge/emotional eat
    • He worked as consultant for Fortune 500 food companies and witnessed many manipulative marketing tactics including the VP of a major food bar company stating that they could make more money if they took the vitamins out of the bar and created colorful packaging that elicited the feeling/notion that the bar contained essential vitamins
    • His book Never Binge Again is applicable to all diets because it focuses on the affect that different evolutionary stages of the brain (lizard brain, mammalian brain, logical brain) play on food choice; controlling the lizard brain with specific mantras is key to his method
    • Most of the binge eating patients he works with believe that there is something wrong with them, but he informs them that they are victims of the industrial food system (e.g. manipulative marketing, hyper palatable processed foods, etc) and their own physiology
    • Instead of insisting that you can never have certain foods ever again, he helps his patients discover their “trigger” foods or situations and then define terms on how/when those foods can be consumed
    • Dr. Livingston’s 4 foods rule: Never, Always, Sometimes, Unrestricted – giving your lizard/primitive brain these rules gives it the structure it needs to help make better dietary decisions
    • He encourages individuals who use his system to commit to perfection but forgive themselves with dignity

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If you’re an individual that struggles with binge/emotional eating, we highly recommend reaching out to someone like Dr. Livingston. You should always feel free to reach out to us also if you have a health related question. If we don’t know the answer, we can connect you with someone who does. You can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or send an email to [email protected].

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