Probiotics, Fermented Foods and Poop Transplants

Gut health is a topic we discuss frequently on ATF, but this week we actually broach a specific aspect of that topic that we’ve yet to explore. You may have already guessed which topic I’m referring to just by looking at the title of this week’s episode.

But before we give you the straight poop on several gut health related topics, we have to let you know about what our listeners are saying.

Listeners talk back

One of my clients recently confessed that she was having a lot of anxiety when it came to making healthy food choices. I suggested she listen to the ATF episode featuring my coaching session with Dr. Glenn Livingston (link). She took my advice and told me that she really enjoyed it and that it reminded her of the sessions she had with a hypnotherapist to help her with anxiety.

If you have a similar story with a past ATF episode, reach out to us via email or social media. We’d love to share your experience on a future episode.

Training Recap

I’ve really been thinking about getting my membership back at LA fitness. Not because I need access to a treadmill or free weights, but because I really want to use their recovery features. Specifically the whirlpool and sauna. My client load is increasing and I could really use those features to help me stay limber.

Speaking recovery, Shannon had her first session with my massage therapist Monique from Restore Me Massage Therapy ( Shannon has had negative experiences with massage therapists as of late, so I was a little apprehensive when I set up her appointment. Shannon was happy to report that she had a great experience. Unlike her past LMT, Monique was very receptive to Shannon’s feedback. Shannon also loved the fact that she played jazz through her session. Shannon hopes to make trips to Monique a regular occurrence.

Monique working her magic


Taking Probiotics may NOT be as beneficial as we thought

Shannon discovered an article on the Well+Good site that described a recent study suggesting that probiotic supplements hindered the recolonization of gut bacteria after a round of antibiotics. This somewhat blew our minds cause we were sure the exact opposite was true.

According to the study, allowing the gut microbiome to recover on it’s own, without the help of probiotics, actually recolonized gut bacteria more quickly. Another method they used to compare against probiotic supplementation and found to be more effective at recolonizing the gut bacteria was fecal microbiome transplant. If you’re curious about what that entails, basically it involves taking your healthy poo filled with gut bacteria out and then replacing it after a round of antibiotics.

This process perplexed Shannon initially, but after reading what the experts in the article had to say about how not one probiotic fits all & that over the counter generic probiotics may not offer the benefits they promise, she admitted that knowing more about your poo can be beneficial. Fecal tests may help you determine which bacterial strains you should look for when shopping for probiotics.

The negative side effect of Apple cider vinegar & lesser known fermented foods

Another way you can promote gut health is by eating fermented foods. We’ve had past episodes (link) listing probiotic containing whole foods, but Shannon discovered an article with a list of fermented foods you may not know about plus the side effects of one very popular fermented food.

Side effects of apple cider vinegar

  1. Shown to delay the rate at which food leaves the stomach which may worsen symptoms of gastroparesis and negatively affect blood sugar control
  2. May cause feelings of nausea if consumed in high volumes without dilution
  3. Acidic pH may weaken tooth enamel and cause other dental related problems
  4. May cause esophageal burns
  5. May cause negative interactions with medication including insulin
Miso and Kimchi – couple of our fermented favs

Lesser know probiotic foods

  1. Yogurt – fermented/cultured dairy easier to digest
  2. Kannji – fermented beverage made with purple carrot, mustard seeds, chili powder and salt – claims to be soothing & can contain up to 18 types of beneficial bacteria
  3. Fermented chlorella – green algae full of chlorophyll – more protein than soy
  4. Dosa – fermented rice & lentil crepe – rice & bean combo makes “complete protein”
  5. Idli – hard to pronounce but rice & bean fermented cake with a variety of health claims including weight loss, reduction in chances of developing heart disease and healthy poos

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