Health Coaching Session with Dr. Glenn Livingston

You may not believe it but even coaches need coaching from time to time. That’s why I’m very excited to share this episode of the Addicted to Fitness podcast with you all.

On this episode, recent ATF guest Dr. Glenn Livingston (past appearance) helps me discover how my food choices have and will affect every aspect of my life. Dr. Glenn is a veteran psychologist who looks at the mental aspect of food addiction & binge eating and does an excellent job explaining the importance of defining specific rules for problematic foods. 

Below are a few highlights from our conversation, but make sure you listen to the entire interview to hear how deep we really go. I’m really proud of this episode and encourage anyone that has an issue with certain detrimental foods to contact Dr. Glenn and schedule a session with him.

  • Dr. Glenn starts off our coaching session by having me use the “angel/devil on my shoulder” approach to food choices and label my “devil” the food demon
  • Then he helps me set food goals: I’d like to keep more a regular eating schedule – eliminate after dinner treats
  • Dr. Glenn makes the comment that will power in regard to food choices will fatigue over the day – make important food decisions in the morning and use a more rules-based approach opposed to guidelines
  • I make the food rules “No chocolate after 8 pm” & “Don’t have ice cream more than once a week”
  • He then asks me how would these rules affect my life?
    • I believe they could put more money in my pocket, increase my excitement for holidays, build more confidence in my health/longevity, get better sleep, increase work productivity, improve relationships and increase my confidence as a fitness leader
  • Then he asks me why what I do is important to me?
    • My response involves wanting to leave a legacy or as the doctor put it “The world is a better place because I was here”
  • If I don’t adhere to these foods rules, what would happen?
    • The chances of me acquiring the benefits I outlined would diminish – less likely to leave the legacy I want or improve my health/longevity
    • Coach Glenn says that our food demon always convinces us that we can start later – easiest time to quit is right now
Chocolate is my food demon
  • What excuses would food demon give for why I don’t need to subscribe to these rules?
    • My cholesterol has gone down, weight has not fluctuated, I currently have healthy relationships at home & work = if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it
  • Identify the food demon lies?
    • My health can deteriorate quickly if I ignore my food rules, maintaining the status quo doesn’t lead to a having legendary life (people are either getting better or worse)
  • Initially, I was 75% confident that I can adhere to these food rules, but I know I’ve broken down in the past & it’s likely to happen in the future
  • Dr. Glenn informs me that his “Never Binge Again” system is based on allowing yourself to make a mistake, but not to abandon the goal
  • You must commit 100% to separate your human identities from the food demon
  • At the end of our coaching seesion, I’m 100% confident that I can adhere to my food rules even if my food demon has other ideas

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If you’re an individual that struggles with binge/emotional eating, I highly recommend reaching out to someone like Dr. Livingston. You should always feel free to reach out to us also if you have a health-related question. If we don’t know the answer, we can connect you with someone who does. You can connect with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter or send an email to [email protected].

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