Travel Epiphanies

On the road again, I can’t wait to take Addicted to Fitness on the road again.

I’m no Willie Nelson, but I am very excited for yet another “on the road” ATF podcast. Shannon and I recorded this week’s episode during our recent trip up North. We recorded at our lovely Air BnB in Derry, New Hampshire but the first stop of our autumn vacay was in Maryland for a wedding 

Training Recap

Besides running around airports, Shannon put me through a yoga flow after our first flight. This was much needed after 3 hours on a plane trying to hold on to a very mobile child. After the flow Shannon and I tried a few advanced yoga “moves.” She completed a handstand & a momentary side crow and I’m completed headstand. Sadly, this was the only dedicated exercise we performed during our entire trip.

What Vacation Taught Us

Both Shannon and I have the feeling that most of our family thinks we have special dietary needs. Besides a special request we made was for Ella’s nondairy milk, we aren’t insane nutritional speaking. We aren’t vegan, gluten-free or even dairy-free fanatics. We are hyper aware about how our food is sourced/prepared which is why we prefer whole food options opposed to processed foods.

We ate very well during our vacation and tried our hardest to maintain the same dietary preferences we’ve set for Ella. We even tried to give her one of her go-to snacks (hardboiled egg, hummus, cucumbers) while on the plane (pic above). Which led us to having our first travel epiphany: not all whole food snacks are airplane friendly.

The next travel epiphany we learned on this trip was that it’s OK to let go of your routine. We usually stick to a eating & sleep schedule with Ella to maintain our sanity, but it’s not realistic while traveling. With the exception of bedtime, we weren’t as stringent with the schedule on this trip, and you know what? Ella did great! Yes she developed a little cold towards the end, but she slept well and definitely ate well.

A routine can sometimes turn into a rut and it’s important to realize when it’s time to take a break from it. We discovered that vacations are perfect opportunities to do just that. Traveling with Ella was definitely a new-ish experience that forced us out of our comfort zone and helped us learn skills we’ll use on future trips, which is the final travel epiphany we had.

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