Hemp & Sunflower Seed Milk Taste Test

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Training Recap

Shannon shares the reason she is sounding so sexy. She’s been battling a cold all week and working hard to kick it. Some of the ways she’s been trying to support her system:

  • Staying away from foods that produce more mucous (sexy right?) namely dairy and sugar
  • Skipping out on inflammatory foods like carbohydrates (processed & complex) and certain fruits and veggies (nightshades, tomatoes)
  • Double-downing on probiotics and decaffeinated beverages like herbal tea & golden lattes (anti-inflammatory properties)

Nick has also been under weather, which means much more decaf tea than coffee this past week, which is HUGE for him. Thankfully he was also able to aid his recovery with a massage from Restore Me Massage Therapy from Seminole Heights Florida.

Monique from Restore Me Massage Therapy


Non-Dairy Milk Options Have EXPLODED!

Given efforts to stay clear of dairy, our interest fell on a renewed search for non-dairy milks this week and the list of available options have soared since last we discussed the topic! We came across this list from Food & Wine article which taste tested 15 different types of non-dairy milks including:

  • Peanut, rice, 2 types of pea protein, cashew, brown rice, soy, coconut, hazelnut, banana, walnuts, almond, flax, oat, and macadamia

Listen to find out the types we’re more interested in trying in the future.

Seed Milk Taste Test

There are three main categories for non-dairy milks: plant, seed and nut. Shannon sought out recipes she could make at home in a pinch and made (used the recipe of 1 cup seeds + 3 cups water; liquifed in the blender for 3 minutes) our first ever seed milk using hemp seeds. We then blended up some sunflower milk as well.

Listen for the full review, but a quick look at our review:

Hemp Milk (1.5 tbsp of hemp seeds contains 7g fat, 1g carbs, 4g protein):

  • Smells nutty & grassy at the same time – Nick said the smell reminded him of celery;
  • Consistency was somewhat thin but not transparent 
  • Contains visible pieces of the shell;
  • Taste was mild yet nutty taste and coats the mouth

Sunflower Milk (¼ cup of sunflower seeds contain 12g of fat, 7g of carbs, 6g of protein):

  • Smells exactly like sunflower seeds which Nick and Shannon agree reminds them of summer
  • Much thicker consistency (oil from the seeds actually separates in the container);
  • Milder flavor than the hemp
  • Smoothie-like feeling in the mouth; almost have to chew it

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