An Interview with Sports Nutrition Entrepreneur Evan Demarco

We’ve been looking for a supplements expert to have on Addicted to Fitness for quite some time, which is why we’re super excited to share this episode with you. On this week’s show we speak with published author, armchair biochemist, sports nutrition entreprenuer and the chief marketing & medical officer of Omax Health, Evan Demarco.

Evan’s goal as a supplement & health expert is to help educate consumers on what a quality supplement is and why they should be taking it. Below are a few highlights from our conversation, but make sure you listen to the entire interview to learn how supplementation may help you avoid chronic conditions that are currently plaguing our society.

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  • We kick off our conversation talking about Evan’s first Tough Mudder race – even though he was fighting off the effects of a late night, he really enjoyed all the obstacles, except for the one that involved electrocution
  • He began his career consulting for companies on Wall Street – he quickly fell out of love with that and decided to take his skills to the sports nutrition world
  • He had the marketing experience but needed the science background – went back to school and took classes in biochemistry, organic chemistry and all the courses most med students dread
  • During this self-mandated education period, he learned that he was going to be a dad – this happy news led him to analyze prenatal vitamins and discovering that they were in need of an update
  • While designing a higher quality prenatal vitamin, he noticed that there was a gap in the market about how important omega fatty acids are during our 20s – 30s for preventing chronic disease later in life
  • Our bodies ability to recover in our 20s and 30s may prevent us from feeling the detrimental effects of a poor diet/lifestyle, but once we do feel pain in our 40s and 50s, we typically go with a pain pill opposed to a supplement
  • Some individuals believe they can get all of their omegas from diet, but there has been a lot of poor education about where to get the different types of omega fatty acids from
  • He mentions that it may be possible to get all your omegas from a comprehensive diet (animal & plant based) but the omega 6:3 ratio in food currently available is highly inflammatory (as high as 25:1)
  • He explains that fish oil supplements could help balance that ratio, but it has to be a quality product because cheap fish oil can add to inflammation
  • The Omax Cognitive Boost is a supplement that combines omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil and alpha GPC, which is a choline compound, that helps with memory, focus, concentration and energy
  • This supplement could help prevent cognitive decline issues like Alzheimer’s and Omax is now conducting research on athletes at all levels to see if it can help mitigate the effects of head impacts (e.g. CTE)
  • Omax also recently released a supplement called Stress Remedy which is a fusion of omega 3’s, hemp oil and L-Theanine
  • Evan explain that this product has been found to lower the inflammatory responses caused by the modern go-go lifestyle – less stress-induced inflammation can lead to calmness, better sleep, and lower stress levels for the following day

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